Weekend in the Hamptons

This past weekend was quite the relaxing one! Brannon and Melissa took my mom and I to their new house at the Hamptons!  I was really tired from the first week in NYC so it was really nice to get out of the city and CHILL.

We arrived around 8pm on Friday night.  Their house was very quaint and it was the perfect size to be cozy but also offered a lot of room for everyone.  I could tell that both Brannon and Melissa were really really excited about it.  There was a heated pool in the back yard with an awesome deck to hang out.  They bought the house furnished and I thought everything looked great!

On Saturday, Brannon took me surfing at Montauk!  I hadn’t been surfing since I was in the 4th grade so I was pretty nervous.  We stopped at a board shop to rent a long board for me and then it was GO TIME!  Before we got into the water, Brannon refreshed my memory on how to paddle, stand up, and where to be placed on the board.  Once we were in the water I started to low key freak out for a minute.  When we were paddling out my arms got tired so fast and my thoughts were, “great this is going to be interesting if I am tired in the first two minutes.”  It actually wasn’t that bad! My arms got warmed up and I ended up catching three waves!  I nose dived on with one of the waves but on the other ones I was able to get up on my knees and ride through them.  Brannon definitely gave me a little push to get me going on a couple of them!  I had such a great time and want to keep surding so I can get good!


Brannon and I surfing Montauk!

After surfing, we went to check out the Montauk lighthouse which had an awesome view at the top!  We then went to grab lunch at a little lobster shack.  I had to get the lobster which was so good!  I hadn’t had lobster for a couple of years till then!  The four of us hurried back to their house after lunch and caught the Oregon vs. Tennessee football game right at kick off! I was nervous to play them at first because the last time we played an SEC team we lost, but man we put on a show!  We beat Tennessee 59-14!  So why was I nervous?! SKO DUCKS! That night we went to a little wine vineyard that had a live blue grass band that was awesome!  We were there for about an hour and enjoyed some wine that was made there.  We ended the night by grilling vegetables back at Brannon and Melissa’s place, which totally hit the spot!


Melissa, my mom, and I outside of the Montauk Lighthouse


View of Montauk from the lighthouse




The place where we are lobster for lunch

The next day was a much needed day of relaxing before driving back to the city that night.  My mom and I hung out by the pool for a bit, read, and blogged.  Brannon and Melissa were busy sorting out a few things in their house.  Around noon, Brannon took us for a walk along the beach that was close to their house and then we all went and walked around East Hampton for a bit.  We grabbed lunch and ice cream before going back to their house to pack our things.

The drive back to the city was quick and there was no traffic which was great! I had a great weekend at the Hamptons.  It is so beautiful out there and I can see why so many people love it.  It’s a little area of paradise outside of the city!


The beach near Brannon and Melissa’s house


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