Princeton University Shenanigans

It has been over a year since I have seen one of my best friends from high school, Alex Jannotta!  She currently is a senior at Princeton University and since I was in the area I had to go visit her!

On Friday morning I took the train from NYC to Princeton, New Jersey.  When I got there, Alex was waiting for me at the station and we both basically screamed when we saw each other. It was only fitting that we made a little scene, that’s what good friends do when they are reunited!

That day we went for a really long walk along a beautiful path that lead us to a big lake.  We were able to do some solid catching up which was great.  That night we decided to take it easy and went out for a great dinner followed by a movie.


Beautiful scenery during out walk

On Saturday, we had quite the productive day! We got up and went straight to the gym.  We followed our great work out by getting bomb egg white omelets at one of the dining halls.  After, we quickly showered and went for a walk on the main street near campus where I purchased a Lululemon workout top that was on sale!  We hurried back to Alex’s dorm (In Princeton students live in the dorms all four years) to meet all of her friends and go to the tailgates for the football game. Princeton’s mascot is the tiger so her friends and I purchased tiger ears at the U store to wear during the football game! We all had so much fun at the tailgates and everyone that I met was so nice!  We went to the game for the first half and then left early for a nice sushi dinner with the gang.  Alex reserved us the private room in the restaurant so we were able to be as loud as we wanted.  The sushi was great and we had a blast, what more could I ask for?


Reppin the tiger ears at the tailgates!

That night we had a toga party to attend at Alex’s eating club, cottage.  It was quite eventful getting ready in the dorms with all of her friends.  It actually really made me miss my days of being in the dorms.  Alex’s friend Remy and I ended up being the toga doers which I didn’t mind.  It was fun to try to figure out how to do them!

The night was very successful and I had a BLAST!  There was a band and we all had an awesome time dancing the night away.


Looking good in our Togas!

I really enjoyed getting to know Alex’s friends, they are all GREAT people.  I find that it is always so nice to see that old friends are doing well!

On Sunday morning I left pretty early to get back to city at a decent time so I could do things with the family.  I had to soak up my last couple of days in NYC with my family before returning to my SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE!  I’m SO STOKED!


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