Pumpkin Waffles and Fall


A picture I took on my run that shows how beautiful Eugene, Oregon is in the Fall

One thing I love about Fall is the hype for pumpkin flavored drinks and food.

Although I am writing a blog post about something that we did two weekends ago, I just had to find the time to reflect upon a lovely Saturday brunch that I had with some of my best lady friends: Callie, Kyungla, and Misty.

In celebration of fall and the Ducks playing the Huskies (huck the fuskies), we made an amazing feast consisting of homemade whole wheat pumpkin waffles, chicken sausage, eggs, and a fruit salad.  In order to complete the meal, we couldn’t forget mimosas.

Kudos to Callie because she slaved away making the waffle batter and sausage.  I just made the fruit salad and eggs which obviously wasn’t hard at all.  SO THANK YOU CALLIE!

After everything was ready, I was so excited to see that Kyungla and Misty had set the table on my balcony in the cutest way!  It was the final touch that made everything so great.

We were all in great moods, it was a beautiful sunny fall day, we had game celebrations to attend later that day, and we were with each other.


Our lovely table

The meal was absolutely sensational.  The grapefruit in the fruit salad added a great twist to it but the pumpkin waffles were easily the best thing on our plates.  I highly recommend that everyone make them before fall ends and the pumpkins disappear!

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Recipe


All smiles with Kyungla and Misty


Post meal game day shenanigans with Callie and Misty


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