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Some great insight from my colleague and friend Kasey Coffey.


And now I’m 22?

How is it already November?

My birthday and Halloween have passed and now it is November 3rd?  As I sit here typing this in my kitchen, I really just can’t believe how fast my life is flashing before my eyes.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was counting down the days for summer vacation to start.

The month of October was seriously a blurr, but so many great things have happened in my life.


One of my favorite photos taken during the month of October with some of my good friends Will, Stephanie, and Tanner!

I became a part of Allen Hall Public Relations, a student-run PR agency at the University of Oregon and I absolutely love it everything about it.  I thoroughly enjoy working with my account team, Brooke Bonime and Marita Barger. I feel like we work well together and have already accomplished a lot in just a few weeks with our client The Friendship Foundation for International Students (FFIS).  We have met with Rick and Mariska, who are in charge of running FFIS, and have established some great goals for the year. Currently, we are working on the November newsletter, which comes out later this week, contacting various organizations and clubs on campus to increase participants, and have set up Twitter and Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to follow FFIS (@FFISOregon) and like us on Facebook for the latest news!

The agency is comprised of motivated student, and I can’t wait to see where everyone goes with their account teams this year.  I also have to give a big shout out to Austin Lacter, Sara Israel, and Nicole Ibarra.  These three are really good friends of mine who I look up to so much.  They basically run and over see everything that goes on in AHPR.  I also can’t forget to mention Kasey Coffey, who is the graphic designer for the agency.  She rocks and has made some awesome flyers for FFIS.  Additionally, she is in the process of revamping AHPR website and so far it is looking superb! All I know is that these four are going so far in life and they seriously deserve it.

As the month of October quickly passed by, I began to count down the days to my birthday.  Although turning 22 really isn’t that exciting, my best friend from home, Sarah Walls, decided to come visit for my birthday.  The whole weekend was a success!  We saw Cherub, my friend Anthony Garbarino had a party at his house for me, and the Ducks beat UCLA.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better way to turn 22.


Sarah Walls visits Eugene!


Great group photo of my friends and I at Cherub for my birthday!


Elena, Kasey, and I taking Sarah to Autzen and the tailgates! SKO DUCKS!

SO GUESS WHAT?! I had my first FUN Halloween while being in college.  For some reason every single Halloween while I have been in school was a disappointment! This year Austin Lacter, Alissa Hayes, Tanner Haney and I drove up to Portland for the night.  We went to an amazing concert at the Whiskey Bar and danced the night away.  Alissa and I were El Dia de Los Muertos going all out with the face makeup. It took us about two hours but I think it turned out great!


El Dia de Los Muertos!

One more thing that I must mention about October is that I have absolutely loved living with my new roomies Jackie, Shea, and Brooke.  They are three awesome ladies and I feel so fortunate to be living with them.  The overall dynamic in this house is perfect and I am just so happy.


My roomies Jackie, Shea, Brooke, and I

So, I guess this post may explain why my life is speeding by so quickly.  Time flies when you are having fun and that is exactly what I am doing.  I seriously couldn’t be more fortunate to have the friends that I have and go to the school that I go to.  Life is just GREAT.

Pumpkin Waffles and Fall


A picture I took on my run that shows how beautiful Eugene, Oregon is in the Fall

One thing I love about Fall is the hype for pumpkin flavored drinks and food.

Although I am writing a blog post about something that we did two weekends ago, I just had to find the time to reflect upon a lovely Saturday brunch that I had with some of my best lady friends: Callie, Kyungla, and Misty.

In celebration of fall and the Ducks playing the Huskies (huck the fuskies), we made an amazing feast consisting of homemade whole wheat pumpkin waffles, chicken sausage, eggs, and a fruit salad.  In order to complete the meal, we couldn’t forget mimosas.

Kudos to Callie because she slaved away making the waffle batter and sausage.  I just made the fruit salad and eggs which obviously wasn’t hard at all.  SO THANK YOU CALLIE!

After everything was ready, I was so excited to see that Kyungla and Misty had set the table on my balcony in the cutest way!  It was the final touch that made everything so great.

We were all in great moods, it was a beautiful sunny fall day, we had game celebrations to attend later that day, and we were with each other.


Our lovely table

The meal was absolutely sensational.  The grapefruit in the fruit salad added a great twist to it but the pumpkin waffles were easily the best thing on our plates.  I highly recommend that everyone make them before fall ends and the pumpkins disappear!

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Recipe


All smiles with Kyungla and Misty


Post meal game day shenanigans with Callie and Misty

Princeton University Shenanigans

It has been over a year since I have seen one of my best friends from high school, Alex Jannotta!  She currently is a senior at Princeton University and since I was in the area I had to go visit her!

On Friday morning I took the train from NYC to Princeton, New Jersey.  When I got there, Alex was waiting for me at the station and we both basically screamed when we saw each other. It was only fitting that we made a little scene, that’s what good friends do when they are reunited!

That day we went for a really long walk along a beautiful path that lead us to a big lake.  We were able to do some solid catching up which was great.  That night we decided to take it easy and went out for a great dinner followed by a movie.


Beautiful scenery during out walk

On Saturday, we had quite the productive day! We got up and went straight to the gym.  We followed our great work out by getting bomb egg white omelets at one of the dining halls.  After, we quickly showered and went for a walk on the main street near campus where I purchased a Lululemon workout top that was on sale!  We hurried back to Alex’s dorm (In Princeton students live in the dorms all four years) to meet all of her friends and go to the tailgates for the football game. Princeton’s mascot is the tiger so her friends and I purchased tiger ears at the U store to wear during the football game! We all had so much fun at the tailgates and everyone that I met was so nice!  We went to the game for the first half and then left early for a nice sushi dinner with the gang.  Alex reserved us the private room in the restaurant so we were able to be as loud as we wanted.  The sushi was great and we had a blast, what more could I ask for?


Reppin the tiger ears at the tailgates!

That night we had a toga party to attend at Alex’s eating club, cottage.  It was quite eventful getting ready in the dorms with all of her friends.  It actually really made me miss my days of being in the dorms.  Alex’s friend Remy and I ended up being the toga doers which I didn’t mind.  It was fun to try to figure out how to do them!

The night was very successful and I had a BLAST!  There was a band and we all had an awesome time dancing the night away.


Looking good in our Togas!

I really enjoyed getting to know Alex’s friends, they are all GREAT people.  I find that it is always so nice to see that old friends are doing well!

On Sunday morning I left pretty early to get back to city at a decent time so I could do things with the family.  I had to soak up my last couple of days in NYC with my family before returning to my SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE!  I’m SO STOKED!

My second week in New York City!

Man I am tired! We have done so much this week it’s absolutely insane. I honestly don’t really know where to start and it’s going to be hard to summarize five days in one blog post so I am going to elaborate on the main things we did each day! Let me just stress that MY FEET ARE REALLY SORE and I would love a foot massage!  So if anyone wants to give me a foot massage that would be totally okay with me.

On Monday, we went to the The Metropolitan Museum of Art which was amazing but way to big for me to handle personally.  I just didn’t know where to start.  I love museums but not when I have to spend more then three hours in them and one definitely has to spend more then three hours to cover the MET.  I think my mom could sense that I really wasn’t trying to see EVERYTHING so we chose what sections we wanted to visit out of the MILLION options.  We decided to see the Ancient Egyptian, Asian, Impressionist Movement, and Modern/Post Modern art sections.  My favorites were easily the impressionist and post modern sections because I love Vincent van Gough and the other artists from the impressionist time period.  I really enjoyed the simplistic styles that were present in a lot of the post modern pieces as well.  After seeing so much of Van Gough’s work in Europe, I developed a little love for his artistic style.  I think my favorite piece of his is Wheat Field with Cypresses! In the post modern section I appreciated the effortless qualities of the piece Spectrum V by Ellsworth Kelly.


Wheat Field with Cypresses by Vincent van Gough


Spectrum V by Ellsworth Kelly

Later that day my mom and I took one of those touristy “hop on and off” buses around downtown Manhattan.  It was so great seeing New York on top of a bus like that although it got pretty cold at the end.  The announcer on the bus totally noticed my mom and I shivering and gave us some ponchos, we looked so funny! Some of the neighborhoods we drove through were SoHo, Chelsea, Financial District, Chinatown, and Greenwich.


My mom looking adorable in her poncho!

On Tuesday, we went to the Museum of Modern Art.  Okay, the contemporary art on the second floor…I don’t really know what do think about it.  It was all so weird and I don’t really understand why it is considered “art”.  There was one piece where the artist tied up a bunch of hair and framed it.  First of all, that is just gross.  Second of all, I could have done that.  Although the contemporary section was weird to me, I really enjoyed the rest of the floors of the MOMA especially the last two.  I definitely liked it more then the MET.  They had so many pieces by Picasso which I was really stoked about because I think he is awesome, but who doesn’t?  My favorite piece of work in the whole museum was called Dynamism of a Soccer Player by Umberto Boccioni, an artist from Italy that I have never heard of.  I liked it because it really caught my eye the most out of all the paintings in the museum due the combination of colors, shapes, and brush strokes.  I’m also a huge soccer fan so the title was an added bonus.


Dynamism of a Soccer Player by Umberto Boccioni

On Wednesday, we took a boat ride which took us around Manhatten, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. That was my favorite activity of the whole trip reflecting back on everything.  I am definitely more of a site seer than a museum goer.  Being outside and seeing the view of Manhattan and Brooklyn on the water was stunning; it literally took my breath away.  It was a beautiful fall day and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky!


Panorama I took of Manhattan


Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn


I finally have seen the Statue of Liberty in person!

On Thursday morning, we went to the September 11th Memorial (Ground Zero).  I was really impressed with the memorial, it has been done so well!  I wouldn’t have it done any other way.  I liked the idea of having the pools where each tower stood going into the ground right next to the new world trade centers. As soon as I walked in I got the chills and a couple of times I teared up.  It brought back a lot of memories for the four of us and at one point we all sat down and discussed what we were doing the day the attacks happened.  I can’t believe I was in the 4th grade; it honestly doesn’t feel that long ago because I remember that day so vividly.  What made me super sad was when I saw flowers over peoples names on the memorial.  The whole experience was pretty emotional I would have to say.  A really awesome feature that was included at the memorial was the survivor tree.  This was the only tree that survived in the whole area after the attacks!  They had it anchored down so it could stabilize itself and keep living on.


The north pool representing where the north tower stood


No words


My mom, sister, and I standing in front of the Survivor Tree

On Thursday night, we went to see The Book of Mormon.  It was my first Broadway show and oh my! I WAS SO IMPRESSED!  Everyone in the theater laughed the whole entire time including myself.  It basically made fun of the Mormon religion and it was right on point (sorry if you are Mormon and reading this HA).  Anyways, I highly recommend it if you want a good laugh. I would say that it got a little bit ridiculous at some points but I really got a kick out of it.



It was an amazing second week in New York City!  I had so much fun with my family and we all shared some great experiences together.

That weekend, I went to Princeton, New Jersey to visit one of my best friends from high school, Alex Jannotta, who goes to Princeton University.  My blog post will be up shortly about my weekend there!

Weekend in the Hamptons

This past weekend was quite the relaxing one! Brannon and Melissa took my mom and I to their new house at the Hamptons!  I was really tired from the first week in NYC so it was really nice to get out of the city and CHILL.

We arrived around 8pm on Friday night.  Their house was very quaint and it was the perfect size to be cozy but also offered a lot of room for everyone.  I could tell that both Brannon and Melissa were really really excited about it.  There was a heated pool in the back yard with an awesome deck to hang out.  They bought the house furnished and I thought everything looked great!

On Saturday, Brannon took me surfing at Montauk!  I hadn’t been surfing since I was in the 4th grade so I was pretty nervous.  We stopped at a board shop to rent a long board for me and then it was GO TIME!  Before we got into the water, Brannon refreshed my memory on how to paddle, stand up, and where to be placed on the board.  Once we were in the water I started to low key freak out for a minute.  When we were paddling out my arms got tired so fast and my thoughts were, “great this is going to be interesting if I am tired in the first two minutes.”  It actually wasn’t that bad! My arms got warmed up and I ended up catching three waves!  I nose dived on with one of the waves but on the other ones I was able to get up on my knees and ride through them.  Brannon definitely gave me a little push to get me going on a couple of them!  I had such a great time and want to keep surding so I can get good!


Brannon and I surfing Montauk!

After surfing, we went to check out the Montauk lighthouse which had an awesome view at the top!  We then went to grab lunch at a little lobster shack.  I had to get the lobster which was so good!  I hadn’t had lobster for a couple of years till then!  The four of us hurried back to their house after lunch and caught the Oregon vs. Tennessee football game right at kick off! I was nervous to play them at first because the last time we played an SEC team we lost, but man we put on a show!  We beat Tennessee 59-14!  So why was I nervous?! SKO DUCKS! That night we went to a little wine vineyard that had a live blue grass band that was awesome!  We were there for about an hour and enjoyed some wine that was made there.  We ended the night by grilling vegetables back at Brannon and Melissa’s place, which totally hit the spot!


Melissa, my mom, and I outside of the Montauk Lighthouse


View of Montauk from the lighthouse




The place where we are lobster for lunch

The next day was a much needed day of relaxing before driving back to the city that night.  My mom and I hung out by the pool for a bit, read, and blogged.  Brannon and Melissa were busy sorting out a few things in their house.  Around noon, Brannon took us for a walk along the beach that was close to their house and then we all went and walked around East Hampton for a bit.  We grabbed lunch and ice cream before going back to their house to pack our things.

The drive back to the city was quick and there was no traffic which was great! I had a great weekend at the Hamptons.  It is so beautiful out there and I can see why so many people love it.  It’s a little area of paradise outside of the city!


The beach near Brannon and Melissa’s house

First week in The Big Apple!

WOW, WOW, and WOW!  I love NYC!  There is so much energy and diversity here.  The sightseeing, food, and shopping have not failed my expectation! We have eaten well, managed to walk what feels like thousands of blocks, seen many sights, and I have managed to do SOME shopping!  I have never been surrounded by so many tall buildings, it just blew my mind when I first got here. I couldn’t stop looking up at all the tall sky scrapers when I was walking around that I nearly tripped onto my face multiple times.

It has been really nice being reunited my mom, sister, and my sisters husband; the three of them flew all the way up from Chile.  We rented a cute little two bedroom apartment right next to Times Square and Hells Kitchen (49th St and 8th Ave).  It has a small living room area with a kitchen and one bathroom.  I guess it is a little crammed but that’s pretty expected in New York City since space is limited with so many people.


The NYC crew: my sister Danny and her husband Alvaro, my mom, and I

The day I arrived at NYC it was just my mom and I.  My sister and Alvaro flew in a day later.  I treasure the moments I am able to spend time with my mom, I just adore her.  After checking into our apartment we strolled around 5th Ave and went to the apple store to deal with my iPhone which I had cracked that morning at the Atlanta airport.  After, we went to an awesome restaurant near our apartment that my cousins wife, Melissa, recommended.  It was a charming little Italian restaurant called Bocca di Bocco; I highly recommend it!  We caught up over a couple glasses of wine, an arugula salad, seafood ravioli, and a fruity desert.  We were both full of excitement that night!


Dinner at Bocca di Bacco with my mom! It is always so great seeing her

On the second day, my sister and her husband arrived.  I had to tuck myself away into a coffee shop near our apartment because I needed to apply for Allen Hall Public Relations, which is a student run agency at the University of Oregon.  After I finished, I met up with them and we went to check out this huge Italian store/restaurant called EATALY. It was everything Italian! The whole place was divided into different sections of Italian chocolate, desert, gelato, wine, pasta, cheese, fish, meat, coffee, sauce, and wine.  Within each section there was a restaurant or cafe.  It was amazing and I could have easily spent a whole day in there roaming around and eating.  We decided to eat in the fish section of restaurant which was fabulous. I ordered the striped bass grilled, which turned out to be incredibly tasteful and fresh.  While we were eating there, we spotted Chelsea Clinton!  For some reason, I thought/pictured her looking way younger but I guess not!  After dinner, my mom and I went straight to the gelato area for desert. She got a mixed berry gelato and I got banana stracciatella which had fresh chunks of homemade dark chocolate. 

On the third day, we walked around SoHo and had plans to go out to dinner with my cousin Brannon and Melissa later that night.  SoHo was so great, I LOVED IT.  Everything from the art galleries, shopping, architecture, and cafes were amazing.  I think that its overall vibe was why I liked it so much.  I definitely lost my mind for a minute in the stores Splendid, TopShop, and Piperlime.  If my whole wardrobe could be those stores I would be a happy camper! IF ONLY! After a lovely day of exploring SoHo, we met Brannon and Melissa at their apartment.  We all caught up over a couple glasses of wine, well everyone except Melissa and my sister because they are both pregnant with baby girls! Their apartment is located in the Bowery area and has a really nice view of the city.  We could see Freedom Tower and all the buildings around it along with the Empire State Building.  Since it was September 11th, there were two big lights where the World Trade Centers stood.  We then walked over to a sushi restaurant near their apartment called Bond St.  WOW! The sushi was SO GOOD!  I never thought I would find a sushi restaurant that had sushi as good as Osaka Sushi in Buenos Aires. It was just as good if not better!


Exploring SoHo


View of the city from Brannon and Melissa’s apartment

The following couple of days were great.  We rented bikes and biked around central park which was 6.1 miles all around.  It was pretty hilly so I got a great work out which I enjoyed since I haven’t been going on my morning runs here.  That night my mom and I walked around 5th avenue and got sucked into going to Free People.  We both love that store and ended up trying on so many clothes.  When we were about to leave the store, there was a torrential down pour outside. This was a disaster because we were forced to stay inside the store which led to us trying on even more clothes.  Oh the temptations…That night my mom and I packed for the Hamptons because Brannon and Melissa just bought a house at there and invited us to go there for the weekend.  I was excited to get out of the city for the weekend because I was pretty tired from so much sightseeing and exploring.


Panorama I took of the city


View of the new building One57 which is 75 stories!

The morning before we left for the Hamptons, we went to check out the neighborhood Chelsea and the High Line Park.  I think out of all the neighborhoods I have seen in NYC so far, my favorite was Chelsea because I could totally see myself living there.  If I were to ever move out to NYC for an internship or job, I would look for a place there, but who knows how expensive that is! It just gave off the type of ambiance that I love being around.  It had a pleasant architectural design and lots of little art/photography stands around.  After seeing High Line Park, my mom and left for the Hamptons!


Simply beautiful!


My sister being cute and pregnant at the Highland Park

New York City has totally exceeded my expectations.  I think I like it a little bit more then San Francisco which is saying a lot.  There are times when I really could see myself living here.  I’m interested to see where I will be two years from now!  Will I be in Denver, San Fran, Australia, NYC, Seattle, or somewhere totally different?  IT MAKES ME NERVOUS!